TitlePort® connects you to lenders.

With TitlePort, title/escrow service providers can communicate with the nation's largest lenders and their vendors simply and securely.

Title/Escrow professionals can receive orders from FNC-supported lenders, exchange messages concerning specific orders, and return completed work—all in a secure, closed environment. TitlePort replaces phone calls, faxes, and e-mail, and provides an organized platform to track and transmit all orders and completed title/escrow products.

How it works

First, sign up and make TitlePort your own. New orders show up in your queue. Click to accept them (or click to decline) and they're filed instantly into the appropriate category: "New Orders," "Accepted Orders," "Submitted Reports," and "Rejected Reports."

When you submit your title documents, TitlePort transmits them immediately and securely into the lender's Collateral Management System®, while adding them to your "submitted reports" queue for easy tracking. The client then automatically reviews your work, speeding a response to you.

Get started now—signing up is free and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TitlePort?

TitlePort is a secure, Web-based work site from which users can receive orders, send completed title documents, and communicate with their clients. It is an integrated component of FNC's Collateral Management System®, used by many lenders.

Is TitlePort a vendor management company?

No, TitlePort is owned by FNC, Inc., a technology company. TitlePort does not arrange or engage vendors on behalf of others.

What is the difference between using TitlePort and e-mail?

Security and integration. Transferring title documents by e-mail sends files across an unsecured platform to the recipient's inbox—a major security hazard. Since TitlePort is a component of an integrated collateral management system, your completed work travels directly from your computer to your client for processing. Your title documents and any other communication passed between you and your client via TitlePort are sent on a secure https platform and can only be accessed by users within the client's management system who have permission to view the information.

Does TitlePort require any special settings on my computer?

A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 is recommended for optimum user experience.

This price schedule covers information regarding the fees and charges imposed directly by TitlePort. The fees and charges for other products and services, including, for example, those for FNC's Collateral DNA products and services, such as Data Express, are found with those products and services.

Why does TitlePort charge a fee? What's it for?

The fee you are charged when your completed report has been accepted by your client covers receiving the order, accepting the order online, sending the report (no matter how many times you may need to send it), messaging, and technical support. If you do not receive orders on TitlePort, there is no TitlePort charge. State and local sales tax will be charged where applicable.

Am I charged a fee for cancelled orders, orders I reject, or orders that the client sends back to me for adjustments?

You are not charged a transaction fee for cancelled orders in which you do not receive full or partial payment, orders that you reject, or even orders that are sent back to you by your client for adjustments. You are only charged a fee after a report has been accepted by your client as completed, or for orders in which you receive a full or partial payment.

What is a completed transaction?

A completed transaction, as it relates to TitlePort, is an order for title services that you receive that is completed as a title report and submitted via TitlePort (or other means) back to the client, which in turn accepts it as completed. Even if the report is delivered by other means (i.e. fax, email, etc.), the TitlePort fee is due once the client institution accepts the report as complete.

Typically, when you send the report back to your client and the client logs out the order with its collateral management system, you are then charged a fee.

Is there a registration fee for TitlePort?

TitlePort has no registration, membership, or annual fees. Any title services professional may register with no obligation whatsoever.

How do I register with TitlePort?

Registering with TitlePort is a two-step process. First, choose a login ID and password by completing the form in the Sign Up section.

Next, activate your account by clicking a link in an email that is sent to you after you complete signup. This ensures that the email address you provided during signup was entered and stored correctly.

Tools & Tips

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